Quick, reliable and accurate body fat & muscle tracking is now available at Imagine Fitness Personal Training Studio with BodyMetrix.

Come to the studio for your test or we can come to your office and assess you and your team


Body Fat %

Take accurate body fat percentage readings using ultrasound technology


  • Ultrasound technology
  • No embaressing pinching
  • Track fat loss & muscle gain

No Pinching

There is now no need to be embarrassed by the pinching that comes with skin callipers. The BodyMetrix wand is simply placed on the skin to get an accurate reading using ultrasound


Fat & Muscle

BodyMetrix not only tracks fat loss but also muscle gain delivering accurate and reliable results

Fast, accurate and reliable results with
no pinching!

Full Report

Once the assessment has been completed a full report with recommendations is emailed directly to you so you get your results instantly.

You can talk through these results with your BodyMetrix Consultant who is a qualified Personal Trainer and discuss a plan to improve your results based on your report and your health and fitness goals.


Corporate Testing

The BodyMetrix body composition assessment is an excellent tool for corporates to use as part of their wellness programmes or as a one off health benefit.

Contact for information about how you can use BodyMetrix as part of your wellness programme.


$60 for a one off test on site at Imagine Fitness


$100 for two tests on site at Imagine Fitness


$45 per test when 3 or more purchased, on site at Imagine Fitness