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The 5 Keys to Weight Loss

    Having a written goal is a great start. When you begin working toward a new goal you are full of motivation. However, motivation can fade!
    Fully understanding WHY achieving your goal is important to you can help you keep on track even when motivation is lacking
    Fast forward to when you have achieved your goal
    What does that look like?
    What does it feel like?
    How will life be better?
    Will you feel more confident, have more energy or feel comfortable in your clothes?
    Don’t stop there, go to the next level
    Will you feel more confident at work, which will help you get that promotion, which will help you get that bigger house
    Will you have more energy so you can spend time with and fully pay attention to your other half or kids and thus improve your relationship with them
    Will you get more out of life, not having to worry about how you will feel on the beach, that your friends are judging you for being fat or avoiding having your photo taken because of how you look
    Spend some time and think about it.
    How will achieving your goal affect the most important areas of your life?
    Combine your WHY with your Goal for maximum effect
    In 12 weeks time, I will have lost 6 kg and will have more
    energy to give to my family and work, which will
    strengthen my relationship with my kids and help me
    get promoted

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