5 Keys to Weight Loss – Lose weight effortlessly

Over the last couple of days I shared the first 4 of what I believe are the 5 keys to weight loss
Here is the final one

    To lose weight you need to be consistent with creating a CALORIE DEFICIT and MOVING
    Knowing your GOAL & your WHY will help you to be consistent in these areas
    Now it might not be possible to create that CALORIE DEFICIT and hit all of your EXERCISE goals 100% of the time.
    And that’s fine
    You don’t need to
    But because you didn’t go to the gym when you said you would or forgot to fill in your food diary or didn’t lose weight this week or put weight on this week or had a bad day with your food
    It just means you should revisit your GOAL and your WHY, regroup and start again
    Our weight doesn’t always go down consistently
    It goes down, then plateaus, down again, up a little before dropping again
    Don’t get dispirited if you hit a little bump in the road.
    Remind yourself of your WHY and keep going
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