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5 Keys to Weight Loss

The 5 Keys to weight loss MOVENow you have your GOAL and your WHY it’s time to MOVEAKA Exercise!The optimal amount depends on where you currently are but 3 to 4 times per week for 30 to 40 minutes is

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5 Keys to Weight Loss – Easily Lose Weight

  The 5 Keys to Weight Loss ESTABLISH YOUR WHYHaving a written goal is a great start. When you begin working toward a new goal you are full of motivation. However, motivation can fade!Fully understanding WHY achieving your goal is

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habit Stacking

Creating a new habit can be challenging. Chances are though that habit stacking will help you. For example you get up in the morning, shower, dress, have breakfast and clean your teeth. These are all habits stacked on top of

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World Master Games

I have entered an event at the World Masters Games 2017. As it getting closer (it’s in April) I realise I haven’t done anywhere near enough training. So from now on you are going to see me do a lot

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Eat with your hands to lose weight

As you probably know when it comes to weight loss your diet is the most important factor. For most of us if we control our portion sizes we are likely to see some weight loss. We can probably eat almost

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