The solution for overwhelmed busy executives who want to reclaim their energy, reignite their relationship and feel the best they’ve felt for a decade

Imagine this scenario: There’s a person. A corporate executive

To the outside world, it seems like they have it all. They have a nice car, great job, a lovely house and are married with kids

But underneath the facade and the pretty edges, they struggle. They feel drained and exhausted daily using caffeine, sugar and alcohol to pick their energy up and get them through the day

They’ve put weight on over the last decade. It used to be easy to lose it but not anymore

They had a great life, amazing relationship, young kids. everything was jolly but now fast forward a decade they are tired, stressed and feel disconnected from their partner and their kids barely know them as they are never there working late

They aren’t stupid. They are smart but it just feels like it’s all too much. They are so overwhelmed and stressed they don’t know what to do about it or how to start making changes. They lack the energy to make anything happen 

The truth is, the solution isn’t complicated. That’s not to say it’s easy because when you’re busy and you’re stressed out it’s not easy. But we have to tap into the resources that we do have

the thing that this person needs more than anything else in the world

is more energy

So here are three steps to destroying overwhelm in your fitness for busy executives to get more energy and feel like you felt in your 30s

Step One

We’re going to get clarity on your strategic objectives

What is it that you want and why do you want it. Without a clear and defined direction that we’re going all you are going to feel is overwhelmed directionless and thus create more stress

So it’s important that before you try and take anything on by trying to work on your fitness, going to the gym, starting a diet 

Before you do any of that you need to know exactly what you want so you feel in alignment because if you don’t you’re just making things worse

Step Two


You’re busy. You don’t have a lot of free time and if you leave it to “well I’ll do it after work” you know that it’s never going to happen

Meetings overrun, fires need putting out, the boss asks you to work overtime and by the end of the day you’re so exhausted you just want to go to the pub or slump down on the sofa and put the tv on

You’ve got to schedule yourself like you would a meeting

Put the time in your diary and honour it as a meeting with your boss. that’s the only way that you’ll show up and get it done consistently

so start scheduling time for yourself

whether that means going to the gym, having a walk or if it means sitting in the park and just being with yourself for 10 minutes while you’ve left the phone in the office

Step three

Action Items

What are the few things that make the big outcomes

We are going to apply the 80 20 rule

There are lots of things you could do and honestly, you don’t need to do most of them, so you want to identify the two or three key things that are actually going to make the biggest difference and then do those and only those things

That is what will lead to you being able to successfully implement changes without getting overwhelmed and burning yourself out in a week

If you would like some help with this and you would like to lose 5 to 10kg over the next 12 weeks regain your energy and feel like you did a decade ago, even if you’re super busy and you don’t have time to go to the gym (maybe you’ve had personal training before but it didn’t work you didn’t lose weight), that’s cool shoot me a message and we’ll have a chat


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