Fit For Forty

Welcome to The Fit For Forty
(and Beyond)
Online Coaching Program

That’s me, James, your online coach. I’m ……… old a husband, father to two children and a business owner. Like you, I suspect, my life is very busy and occasionally stressful. In my 30’s I became less focused on my health and more focused on my business/career and family. Approaching my 40’s I realise I needed to put myself first so that I can dedicate the time and energy I need to my family and business and most importantly enjoy life to the fullest.

Improve the Quality of Your Life

The Fit For Forty (and Beyond) program is designed for busy people like you and I who want to improve their health, fitness and most importantly their quality of life. While at the same time not having to dedicate hours to the gym and give up all the food they enjoy.

It is not a get fit quick scheme. Neither will it get you a 6 pack or massive biceps. There are no crazy diets to follow. No detoxes to do. You wont have to spend hours in the gym.

What you will see an improvement in your body (lets be honest here, who doesn’t want to look better?) and fitness giving you the energy to spend with family, work and hobbies. The overall result…improved quality of life (and looking better naked!)

Tailored for You

Tailored for you, you will be guided through short effective workouts and shown how to follow a sensible diet without giving up the food you enjoy. (This includes beer and ice cream, two of my personal favorites).

Most of all, the online coaching program will provide you with accountability and support to help you achieve your health and fitness goals with a fully persoanlised plan.

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Because the Fit For Forty (and Beyond) online coaching program is personalised, spaces are strictly limited. To see if you qualify apply today

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What is your number one health and fitness goal?

Why is this goal important to you?

When do you want to achieve it by?

How will you feel when you achieve it?

How will you feel if you don't achieve it?

If you keep doing what you are doing now will you achieve your goal?

What can I do to help you achieve your goal?

Are you prepared to invest $200-600 per month to improve your quality of life?

I love ice cream. What is your favourite flavour?

Want to Know More?

We follow 7 guidelines (They are guidelines because I’m not going to tell you what to do. We will work together to find the best approach)

1. Short Workouts

They fit into your life at a time and place that is convenient to you. If you have a gym great, if not workouts are designed to use the equipment you do have, which might only be your body

3. Consistency & Accountability

My role is to keep you consistent and accountable. Without these two important factors most people aren’t successful in improving their health, fitness and quality of life.

5. Water

Drink lots of it!

7. positive Mindset

No mumbo jumbo. No mediation. Just getting your mindset right to achieve your goals.

2. High Intensity

Because the workouts are short they need to be high intensity. My high intensity and yours are almost certainly different so the workout is tailored to your goals and fitness levels

4. Sensible Diet

There are no strict food instructions to follow I believe in a sensible diet where no foods are off limits (even beer and ice cream)

6. Sleep

It’s a really important part of our health and fitness that a lot of people overlook