Consistency is Key

When it comes to getting results from exercise consistency is key

Here are my top tips to help you exercise consistently:

1. Set a goal

Without a reason to be exercising many people find it
hard to find the motivation to start, let alone continue
to exercise. Once you hit that goal set another one.

2. Make it convenient

Where you exercise needs to be convenient. Don’t join
the shiny new gym 30 minutes from home in the
opposite direction to work. You will never go. Wherever
you exercise it has to be convenient. The gym should be
somewhere you drive past to and from work or a few
minutes walk from home or the office.

3. Schedule it

You need to plan and schedule your exercise. Put it into
your diary and make it non-negotiable. Think of exercise
like a pay review with your boss. You wouldn’t miss that
would you?

4. Keep it short

But more importantly keep it fun. Your much more likely to be
consistent if you enjoy it.

5. Do exercise you enjoy

I am always being asked what the best exercise for
weight loss is. I normally answer this
question with a question. I ask them what their
favourite form of exercise is. If they say weights I say
lifting weights, if they say running I tell them to run. You
see as humans we are programmed to do two basic
things. Avoid pain and to seek pleasure. As a result we
are much likely to do an activity or play a sport that we

6. Exercise with a partner

Training with someone else is a great way to get and
stay motivated. On those days when you just don’t feel
like training (we all get them) if you have a session
scheduled with a partner you are unlikely to let them
down and get your workout done.

7. Get a Personal Trainer

Of course I would say that wouldn’t I? But having a
trainer can help you tick all of the boxes. They will help
you set and achieve goals, see you at a time and place
convenient for you, won’t let you miss a session and will
show you the most effective way to get results whilst
keeping it fun.

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