You Are Only 15 Minutes and 2 Exercises Away From A Great Workout

You Are Only 15 Minutes and 2 Exercises Away From A Great Workout

Time always seems to be against us. Well it does me anyway. One of the main excuses I hear for not going to the gym is that “I’m busy and can’t find the time”.

But don’t worry you no longer need to spend an hour in the gym to have a great workout. But I’m betting you already knew that.

Now I know I’m not the only person in the health and fitness industry who is telling people you don’t have to spend hours in the gym to get in a great workout. All you have to do is pick up a fitness magazine and the articles are about short workouts. Watch a TV commercial and they are promising you results in just minutes a day (Just 2 minutes might be a little unrealistic though!)

So how would a workout with just 2 exercises in it that you can get done in just 15 minutes, including your warm up, sound? Pretty good I’m guessing.

Now getting a workout done in 15 minutes isn’t for the faint hearted. You have to be prepared to work hard and push yourself. And I’m not saying that this is the only workout you should do but if you are genuinely short on time it doesn’t need to stop you getting in the gym.

So these two exercises are…..drumroll…. the Deadlift and Bench Press.

Ok so they are two fairly advanced exercises and not ones you see a lot of women doing. But if performed correctly they are two great exercises that are suitable for almost all fitness levels. (I would recommend that you get advice from a qualified fitness professional before performing these exercises. Especially the Deadlift.)

Some of you might be thinking are these two exercises really all I need to do to get a good workout? Well judge for yourself. Here are just a few of the muscles, without their scientific names, these exercises work

Lower back muscles (erector spinae)
Forearms & Grip

Bench Press
Biceps (the bicep brachii gets used as a stabiliser)

That’s quite a few muscles isn’t it?

I wouldn’t program this as your only workout but if you are short on time one day this will get you in and out of the gym in 15 minutes.

Now stop reading this and hit the gym floor!


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